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Transfer/Termination Forms

PLEASE use the Termination or Transfer Form to minimize delays in the processing.


Notice of termination may be provided by the BIC or by the individual member.

MLS service & all other services are automatically turned off.

When a Termination is submitted we ask that you provide a current mailing address to forward any additional correspondence such as year-end tax reports.

Unused MLS Service Fees, which are prorated at $10.00 per week, beginning the week after the notice is received, will be reimbursed. Processing of the reimbursement checks takes at least 30 days.

If there are any outstanding bills, those past due will be attached to the individual record for payment should membership reinstatement be requested. All other dues and fees will be written off and the Broker-In-Charge will no longer be responsible for those fees or dues.

Transferring Offices within GRRA Membership

This refers to changing offices within the GRRA membership! The Termination/Transfer form must be submitted with both the past and present BIC's signature and the $50.00 transfer fee.

Penalties for Failure to Submit Form: If you are transferring firms and the Termination/Transfer form is not received promptly, a Termination Notice may be submitted. Should this occur, you will be required to follow reinstatement procedures rather than a Transfer.