REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Greensboro is the business and public policy advocate for Commercial REALTORS®.

RCA of Greensboro is the voice for commercial real estate in Greensboro, North Carolina, influencing and shaping the industry. RCA provides members with what they need to become more successful and profitable in their business.

Member Benefits:

By joining RCA of Greensboro, you will see the following benefits.

  • Representation at legislative meetings
  • Free monthly events including luncheons, coffee talks, and various networking events
  • Accessibility to the GRRA-RCA member roster
  • Staying updated with crucial knowledge and important updates
  • Access to high profile speakers and other significant figures throughout the state

RCA of GSO was selected as winners of NAR's Accredited Commercial Excellence Award 2 years in a row. Our first year we received the award for Association Involvement and our second year we received the award for Community Involvement

If you have any questions about joining RCA of Greensboro, please contact Sharon Gray, Membership Coordinator at GRRA.