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CALL FOR ACTION | Hurricane Matthew Recovery

One week post-Hurricane Matthew, and many areas of North Carolina are still actively impacted by devastating floods. NC REALTORS® has been in direct contact with most of the local associations affected by the storm to offer moral support, resources, and financial support, and we’ve mobilized non-perishable goods and supply deliveries into the hardest hit regions.

The NC REALTORS® Executive Committee met last week regarding disaster relief assistance, and we are working closely with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), local associations across the state, and local government and relief agencies to help local associations and communities in any way that we can.

CALL FOR ACTION | Your Help is Vital to Recovery

One of the hardest hit areas, Lumberton, North Carolina, has issued a request for 100+ volunteers to mobilize starting tomorrow (Monday, October 17). Volunteers are needed to canvas communities in the town (3,200+ properties), which just started allowing homeowners and residents to return to their homes, to survey residents with pre-prepared survey questions, take photographs of property damage, pass out informational and relief resource materials, and inform residents of NAR’s Flood Relief Program. Relief applications will be handed out on site, and residents will be allowed to complete them on the spot and hand them immediately back to the volunteers for expedited processing and approval. This will be a several day – if not a week-long – project. If you are able to volunteer on a particular day, please email Wendy Harris ( and copy Andrea Bushnell ( and Tracey Gould (, stating the date(s) you are available. Following are some helpful details.

Know Before You Go

Bring your real-estate business cards (you will be given an NC REALTORS® name badge, which will serve as your pass around town), camera of some sort, clip board (if you have one), tape, enclosed folder to collect documents/applications, thumbtacks, and a pen. These supplies will be available in limited quantities on site. Bring your own food and drinks, or get them on the way – before you approach town. Food in Lumberton and surrounding areas is scarce. Bring your charging devices, and make sure your devices are charged before you go and fully charged when you arrive. Dress appropriately with comfortable walking shoes. When you approach and arrive into town, make note of the closest facilities (restroom and otherwise). There is limited to no running water in town, and most businesses are closed.

Meeting Time

Plan to arrive in Lumberton on site at 10am on Monday. This time may be earlier on subsequent days.


Lumberton Meeting Location

City Hall
500 N. Cedar Street
Community Room
Lumberton, NC


Point of Contact

Wendy Harris, Fayetteville REALTOR®


Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. Your consideration is greatly appreciated and will make an unprecedented, meaningful impact on those who have suffered the most.

Meanwhile, if you or your consumers have been directly impacted, please contact your local association and visit NC REALTORS®’ webpage dedicated to recovery efforts with valuable links. Please be safe.


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